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How To Identify Furnace Problems

Scheduling an annual tune-up for your furnace is an important measure to take for the longevity and efficiency of your unit. If your system fails unexpectedly and iIf repairing the system doesn’t solve the problem, call Real Air HVAC for heater replacement in Los Angeles

Signs That Indicate The Severity of a Furnace Problem.

Faulty Electrical System

Without power, your furnace won’t run. If there is an issue with your home’s power supply, it would directly affect the furnace and might cause a hassle. You might think a small issue with a circuit can’t cause enough damage, and it is okay to try a DIY repair, but remember to be careful. However, it is best to hire a professional to repair the root cause.

Unusual Noises From the Furnace

When your furnace makes sounds but runs fine, it might be due to air in the ductwork. However, other indicative sounds tell you about the malfunctioning internal component. The rattling noises indicate loosened parts, while the blower or motor produces the squealing sound.

The popping sound indicates ductwork issues, and broken motor bearings make the grinding noise. You might think it is not an emergency, but to prevent potential damage, call a technician for help.

System Short Cycling

It is a common problem with smaller and large heating systems. Your large heater might heat the house too rapidly and turn off quickly. When this cycle repeats over time, know that your system is under strain and can fail anytime.

Dirty air filters can also lead to furnace breakdown by stressing the compressor for air circulation. If the issue persists after changing the filter, it is an internal malfunction. Call Real Air HVAC for assistance. We offer the best HVAC services, including quality heater installation in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.
Unusual gaseous odor

Dealing with gas in a secure place is life-threatening. So, if you smell any strange gas, leave your house and reach an open area. The rotten egg smell is the characteristic of a gas leak, and you can not solve it on your own, so do not take the risk.

The first thing to do is get out and call for professional help. Ask your neighbours to help open the doors and windows while you wait for help to arrive.

No Hot Air Blowing

A faulty thermostat could be the reason for your furnace failing. So, if you feel a sudden wave of cold air, there could be several reasons for it. Check for clogged air filters and broken circuit breakers.

Chances are that your blower has been malfunctioning, leading to the failure of the capacitor, motor, and connection board. Remember not to act impulsively, as it may lead to an accident.

Yellow Pilot Light

The small pilot light is an indicator of a combustion problem. A blue-colored flame indicates complete burning with no residue, but when the flame turns yellow, be wary of this. The yellow light signals carbon monoxide in the air, and it is toxic for whoever inhales it.

Leave your house and call a technician immediately; you can not fix this issue. Our experts recommend an essential annual service that includes complete repair to avoid such complications.


When it comes to heater repair in Los Angeles, Real Air HVAC is one of the most experienced and trusted HVAC contractors. It is advised to avoid DIY techniques as you may risk your life. Let our experts do the job for you. Call us at (818) 844-7405 to schedule the best services, and visit our website for more information about repairs, installation, and tune-ups.